About Dr. Pradeep Kumar

Dr. Pradeep Kumar is renowned Hypnotherapist and is certified trainer from International Practice of Healing Medicine, UK. He has 20years of experience in alternate healing techniques and has treated thousands of lives as well as he has trained thousands of trainers under him. 

This time it is first opportunity in 2021 when he is conducting practical sessions in his 3 Days long Workshop at Chandigarh.  Interested participants can contact at given number for booking.

3 Days Course Structure

Day 01

1.       What Hypnosis is? And What         Hypnosis is not?

2.      Mind Rules.

3.      Mind Theories.

4.      How to use the sub-conscious Mind?

5.      Basic needs of Hypnosis.

6.      Trance and symptoms of Trance.

7.      How to give Hypnotic Demonstration?

8.      Suggestibility test and six stages of Hypnosis.

9.      Various Techniques of Instant Induction



Day 02

1.      Starting from various induction Techniques.

2.      Deepening Techniques.

3.      How to do Hypno Theory in Clinical Hypnosis?

4.      How to create Rapport?

5.      Ideo Motor Signalling.

6.      Second Session.

7.      Past Life Regression.

8.      A complete package to use regression in different sectors of life.


Day 03

1.      Develop your intuition powers and ESP powers.

2.      How to use it?

3.      Telepathy.

4.      Telekinesis.

5.      Read Aura by Naked Eyes.

6.      Mind Reading.

7.      Cosmic Fusion.

8.      Mind Brain Activation.

Registration Fees 9999/-

Early Bird Offer Rs. 8500/- till 10th Feb

The Package includes Lunch and Hi-Tea during the workshop.